We cordially invite you to Slovakia, to attend the 9th Central European Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (CESPC-9). CESPC is a well-established small size symposium of <120 participants and friendly open atmosphere. It deals with fundamental problems of gaseous plasma physics and chemistry, modelling and diagnostics, new and nanostructured materials, energy technologies, environmental protection, surface processes, and plasma technologies in modern industry, medicine, food technology, and agriculture. It provides as an interactive platform enabling researchers of different backgrounds (chemistry, physics, engineering, material sciences, biology, medicine, agriculture, food technology) to meet and develop new ideas in the widely interdisciplinary field of plasma chemistry. The symposium promotes the transfer of scientific knowledge to industrial, agricultural, and clinical practices.

This time, CESPC-9 will be joint with COST Action CA19110 Plasma applications for smart and sustainable agriculture – PlAgri (https://plagri.eu/) workshop of its working groups 2 (seeds), 3 (plants), 4 (agriculture wastewater and plasma activated water), and 5 (plasma in food industry).

The PlAgri Action aims to investigate the potential of low-temperature plasmas as a green alternative for treating seeds, plants, agricultural wastewater, plant growth media, manure, and the use of plasmas for treating food and packaging. It also studies undergoing processes of plasma treatment of this agricultural biological materials. The Action aims to break the classical field boundaries for a new dimension in sustainable agriculture with lower chemical and environmental impact, higher yield, and sustainability.

Required for abstract submission.

e-mail: info@cespc9.eu
phone: +421 2 60295 618 (Z. Machala)
phone: +421 2 60295 676 (K. Hensel)
phone: +421 2 60295 520 (M. Janda)

Endorsed by IUVSTA.
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