Dear participants,

We invite you to take a break from lectures and enjoy exploring a little more some wonderful places in the High Tatras region. The excursions will be held on Wednesday, September 7th after lunch. Please choose the more attractive option for you:

1. Kežmarok castle + The Wooden Articular Church

2. Predné Solisko (In case of bad weather conditions - Belianska Cave)

Below you can find a brief description of each destination. We kindly ask you to choose your preference for organizing the trips. To do so, sign in to CESPC-9 user account and click on link "Excursion".


Kežmarok Castle
Situated in the historical centre of the ancient Spiš city of Kežmarok stands a beautifully preserved castle, one of the most precious structures of cultural and historical importance. This castle became the starting point of the first popular hiking trip to the High Tatras. The initiator of this trip was princess Koscielecká, a wealthy widow of one Russian magnate, who married the local castle lord. Her new husband, however, did not approve of her hiking trip at all, seeing the trip was attended by a number of people from Kežmarok. When the princess returned, he accused her of amoral rambling in the wilderness with strange men and had her thrown into the castle prison, from where she could see the Tatras or Snowy Mountains as they used to be called back in their day. While the poor hiker sat in the prison and mulled over her wrongdoing for six long years, her husband merrily squandered all of her fortune to the last gold coin.

These days Kežmarok Castle is open to the public. It houses the local museum, where visitors can admire the attractive interiors of the castle - for example, the watchtower or the torture chamber - as well as interesting exhibitions focused on Kežmarok’s history, medieval crafts, and guilds, Jewish culture or religious art. More information can be found at https://www.hrady-zamky.sk/en/kezmarsky-hrad/.

The Wooden Articular Church
The Wooden Articular Church is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and it dates to the time of religious oppression. The first building of the Wooden Church was already standing in 1687. It was rebuilt into its current form in 1717 in incredibly only three months. An interesting fact is that, allegedly, during the construction there was not one metal nail used! The exterior walls are plastered with clay, which is a little bit misleading, the shingled roof being the only sign that it is indeed a wooden jewel.

More information can be found at https://www.ecavkk.sk/home.

PREDNÉ SOLISKO (Belianska Cave in case of bad weather conditions)

Predné Solisko
Predné Solisko (2,093 meters above sea level) is the last ridge of the long Solisko ridge that extends from the Furkotski peak to the southeast. Predné Solisko is a wonderful spot to enjoy the views of the surrounding country! A 4-seater Solisko Express cable car will take you from the lower station at Štrbské Pleso up to the altitude of 1,814 m. It takes only 7 minutes to surmount a vertical drop of 431 meters. From here you can take about 1h hike to the top of Predné Solisko with stunning views.

More information can be found at https://www.tatry.sk/en/predne-solisko-3/

Belianska Cave (instead of Solisko in case of bad weather conditions)
Belianska Cave is a stalactite cave in the Slovak part of the Tatra mountains, the largest and the only one open to the public in the High Tatras. More information can be found at http://www.ssj.sk/en/jaskyna/2-belianska-cave



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