Poster Sessions


P-1Fernando Alba-Elías  
Biocidal effect of i-PAW
P-2Jan Čech  
CaviPlasma: A large-throughput technology for plasma treatment of contaminated water using peroxide chemistry
P-3Ludmila Čechová  
Evaluation of the effect of plasma activated water on plants contaminated with heavy metals using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
P-4Richard Cimerman  
Multi-Hollow Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharge: Variations of Gaseous Products under Conditions of Various Air Flow Rates and Relative Humidities
P-5Sandra Ďurčányová  
Preparation of protective hydrophobic layers on aluminum using plasma polymerization at atmospheric pressure
P-6Jianyu Feng  
Adhesion Improvement of Large Area Flexible PTFE Foils by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma
P-7Oleksandr Galmiz  
Applications of Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharge Generated From Liquid Electrode
P-8Jan Hrudka  
Image Analysis Evaluation of the Non-Thermal Plasma Inactivation of Dermatophytes
P-9Martina Ilčíková  
Plasma-assisted processing of PET waste flakes for use in wood-based composites
P-10Ali Jamaati Kenari  
Comparative study of the different cold atmospheric-pressure plasma sources' effects on the surface modification of thermally sensitive BOPP film
P-11Mário Janda  
HNO2 solvation to microdroplets
P-12Barbora Konečná  
In vivo effect of cold plasma activated water on wound healing
P-13Dušan Kováčik  
In-line plasma pre- and post-treatment as parts of technology for manufacturing of nanofiber-based filters with the improved performance properties
P-14Niksa Krstulovic  
Photocatalysis of laser synthesized colloidal Ag-doped ZnO nanoparticles
P-15Darina Kužmová  
The effects of plasma-activated phosphate buffered saline on monolayers and spheroids of cancer cells
P-16Michal Kwiatkowski  
Plasma treatment for conditioning of non-pasteurized beverages
P-17Aleksandra Lavrikova  
Eradication of bacterial biofilms with atmospheric air pulsed streamer corona discharge
P-18Vera Mazankova  
Plasma polymerized oxazoline based thin films for biomedical applications
P-19Zuznana Okruhlicová  
Non-thermal plasma and ozone disinfection of FFP2-type respirators
P-20Colin O'Modhrain  
Interpreting improved performance of a rotating gliding arc plasma for N2-fixation: Insights from a self-consistent, fully-coupled model
P-21Pankaj Pareek  
The impact of humidity and circuit parameters in the generation of NO2 and HNO2 by transient spark discharge
P-22Mária Peťková  
The Effect of Plasma on Germination, Oxidative Stress Response and DNA Damage in Barley
P-23Sára Pišteková  
Genotoxic Effects of Non-Thermal Plasma Generated by Various Sources on Plasmid DNA
P-24Nevena Puac  
Characterization of 1- and 3-pin atmospheric pressure plasma jet used for decontamination of water samples
P-25Rafaela Radičić  
Incorporation of ZnO nanoparticles into PVC and HDPE polymers using atmospheric pressure plasma jet
P-26Tomislava Vukusic Pavicic  
Polyphenol degradation by high voltage gas discharge plasma
P-27Dawid Zarzeczny  
Plasma treatment for conditioning of juice
P-28František Zažímal  
Photocatalytic Water Treatment by Nanocomposites Processed using Low Temperature Plasma


P-29Laima Degutyte-Fomins  
Influence of Radish (Raphanus Sativus L.) Seed Coat Color on Plant Secondary Metabolites and Response to Cold Plasma Treatment
P-30Mostafa E. Hassan  
Analysis of the Reactive Species in the Gas/Plasma-Water Interactions
P-31Anatolii Ivankov  
Changes in hemp growth and content of cannabinoids after seeds treatment with cold plasma, vacuum, and electromagnetic field
P-32Olivera Jovanović  
Investigation of an atmospheric pressure pin-type plasma jet for water treatment - optical diagnostics and temperature measurements
P-33Saeed Kooshki  
High Flow Rate Plasma Activated Water Generation Using Dielectric Barrier Discharge Reactor
P-34Zdenka Kozáková  
Characterization of Plasma Activated Water Prepared in Different Plasma Systems
P-35Michal Kwiatkowski  
GAD impact on selected foods
P-36Danyang Liu  
Examining the Impact of Non-thermal Plasma on Lipid Model Systems
P-37Petr Lukeš  
PAW Properties for Agriculture: What We Want?
P-38Plamena Marinova  
Microwave plasma torch treatment of in vitro plum (Prunus domestica L.) plants
P-39Ester Marotta  
Comparative evaluation of different plasma reactors for PFAS degradation
P-40Márcia D. Oliveira  
Atmospheric-pressure plasma for seed germination of lentils and mung bean and its effect on nutritional value
P-41Márcia D. Oliveira  
Control of Listeria innocua biofilms on food industrial surfaces with plasma-based technologies
P-42Zuzana Okruhlicová  
Direct and Indirect Effects of Cold Atmospheric Plasma on Green Moulds
P-43Lokeswari Ramireddy  
AgriPlasma - Non-thermal air plasma treatment of multispecies swards seeds for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
P-44Nina Recek  
Growth of plasma-treated wheat seeds under realistic conditions
P-45Jana Šimečková  
Changes of Soil Properties after Plasma Activated Water Application
P-46Pia Starič  
Plasma treatment decreases the concentration of elements in pericarp of buckwheat grains
P-47Barbora Tarabová  
Bactericidal properties of aminoacids modified by plasma treatment in physiological buffered saline solutions
P-48Ionut Topala  
Air plasma exposure of Tagetes erecta seeds: gas phase FTIR monitoring and effects on germination dynamics
P-49Dawid Zarzeczny  
GAD impact on selected properties of bread
P-50Suzana Živković  
Long term effects in dwarf bearded iris (Iris reichenbachii Heuff.) calli metabolism induced by plasma treatment

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